Financial Translations

We have many years’ experience in translating financial documents. We translate texts for clients such as financial institutions, insurance companies and the financial departments of companies.

We know the terminology needed for financial and economic translations. We actively monitor events in the financial sector. All our translators have long experience in translating financial documents. Not only does experience mean quality but also fast delivery.

We serve companies engaged in foreign trade, financial institutions, consulting companies, insurance companies, as well as other public and private entities in need of financial translations. If necessary, the translation will be certified and stamped by an authorised translator.

We have experience in translating demanding documents such as balance sheets, income statements and audit reports. We also frequently translate requests for bids, offers, annual reports, interim reports, credit reports, bank statements, wage certificates, business letters, prospectuses, offering circulars, sales reports, merger agreements, merger agreements, shareholder agreements, insurance contracts, market research reports, press releases, etc.

Good to Know

Official translator = Authorised translator

An authorised translator is a translation expert who is authorised to provide translations that are legally valid in the target language. The title “authorised translator” came into use in 2008. Previously, the corresponding title was originally “sworn translator” and later “official translator”. Authorisation always applies to a specific pair and sequence of languages (one of the languages must be Finnish, Swedish or Sámi).

The title “authorized translator” is not a guarantee of the quality of translations, nor is it an indication that an authorised translator would in any way excel over another translator without such a title. The vast majority of translation jobs do not require an authorised translator. The purpose of the text will determine whether the translation ought to be validated by an authorised translator. In general, authorisation may be necessary for translated documents required by the public administration of another country, such as certificates for a work/residence permit or studies abroad.

Upon request, an authorised translator’s title can be awarded to a translator who passes the Authorised Translators’ Examination. Such examinations are arranged by the Authorised Translators’ Examination Board supervised by the Finnish National Agency for Education. The examination, which consists of two translation tasks, is not a language qualification or part of a translator training system. Under certain conditions, the right to act as an authorised translator may also be awarded without passing the examination. For example, former “official translators” may apply for the authorised translator’s title without having to retake the examination.

Check this link to see how to order an authorised translation for a certificate or other document.

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Confidentiality and reliability

All our translators have signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). No information or material will be disclosed to third parties or used for any purpose other than translation.

We use state-of-the-art hardware that is well-protected and equipped with automatically updated anti-virus software. If the information/documents are particularly confidential, you can send them to our database via a direct network link since email is not a completely secure transmission channel.

Any paper copies taken for translation purposes are collected in a security container managed by MTB Tietoturvapalvelu which ensures secure destruction of the material.

All the files processed by us are backed up.

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