Need a quick translation?

Notaatio is an experienced translation agency that offers high-quality translations into multiple languages delivered within a limited timeframe. Thanks to our long-standing experience in the translation business, we are familiar with all kinds of factual text: law, economy, technology, websites, IT and authorised translations.


We provide quick and high-quality translations in a flexible manner. We can offer you versatile translation services for various fields and platforms.

Legal Translations

We translate all kinds of contracts and official documents and know the special requirements of different language areas. Whenever necessary, we certify our translations with an authorised translator’s stamp.

Financial Translations

We have many years’ experience in translating financial documents. We know the terminology and concepts of the field. We translate texts for clients such as financial institutions and insurance companies.

Authorised Translations

Notaatio is Finland’s largest company providing authorised translations, so we know the ropes. The official documents we translate and authorise are legally valid in the target language.

Website Translations

We consider search engine optimisation and apply the best practices of online writing. If necessary, we will create a translation memory from previously translated material to get the terms right.

Technical Translations

We constantly translate operating instructions and installation guides for well-known companies that operate in fields such as IT, construction industry, environmental technology and consumer electronics.

Software Translations

We have detailed knowledge of the vocabulary, concepts and style requirements of the software industry. We are also experts in the use of various localisation tools and technologies.

What kind of translation do you need?

We are happy to find the best solutions for you and map your individual translation needs. Please contact us if you wish to know more!

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Notaatio Oy

Founded in 2000, Notaatio Oy is a Finnish translation agency whose project managers and translators have long experience in the translation business.

We actively monitor recent developments in the translation industry and use the latest translation technology. This allows us to provide our customers with the best possible translation in the most cost-effective manner possible.


We are proud of our expertise accumulated over the years.

Personal Service

We are happy to discuss matters with clients over the phone. Each assignment is different due to differences in style, terminology and content.

Uncompromising Quality

We enjoy a high level of customer satisfaction. Over the years, we have found highly-competent translators. We focus on translation and that is why we are so good at it.


Do you have a pressing need for the translation? Relax, we will stay on schedule. We respond to inquiries immediately and always deliver the translation when requested.

High-quality translation

We never compromise on the quality of translations. We have the best translators in the field and use carefully selected technical tools and processes.  



Best Translators

We guarantee our clients a high-quality job with consistent style from one translation to another. This is possible because, in addition to our own staff, we always use the same highly experienced translators with special expertise in many different fields. All our linguists, translators and editors alike, are passionate about their work.


We use the latest technology in translation. Our software tools enable us to speed up the work, ensure a quality job and maintain competitive prices. If necessary, we will maintain customer-specific translation memories and glossaries to ensure consistency between translations.


We provide clients with comprehensive support. We convert PDF files and other materials received from the clients to a format that can be processed with translation tools and deliver a finished translation as desired. And, naturally, always within the agreed deadline.


Our clients include law firms, foreign trade companies, construction companies, government agencies, ministries, trade unions, municipalities, software houses, listed companies, museums and cultural institutions.